An overview of AJ&K

An Overview of AJ&K

Azad Jammu and Kashmir is the liberated part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It lies between longitude 73o-75o and latitude of 33o–36o and comprises of 5,134 sq. miles or 13,297 sq. kms area. The topography is mainly hilly and mountainous with valleys and plains. The districts of Neelum, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Sudhnoti and Poonch are mostly mountainous for being lying at the foot hills of the Himalayas. The districts of Bhimber, Mirpur and Kotli have broad valleys and flat areas. The mountainous areas are full of natural beauty, with thick lush green forests, precious minerals, fast flowing rivers and streams. The main rivers are Jehlum, Neelum and Poonch. Climatically, Azad Kashmir enjoys a considerable measure of variety. The North and North western mountainous areas are extremely cold in winter while in summer are very pleasant. The district head quarters of Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber are extremely hot in summer while cold and dry in winter. Most of the area of the State receives monsoon rains with average rainfall up to 1300 mm annually. The population of Azad Kashmir is 3.5 million and 88% of this is living in rural areas. The literacy rate is above 60%. The average per capita income has been estimated to range from 500 to 600 US$. .